Do not fear! It is not a new interpretation of Sir Lloyd-Webber’s masterpiece. Although if I ever see him I will suggest it 🙂

Not blogged for a while! The past few weeks have flown by! To bridge the silence I’m going to cheat! I’m going to blog about someone else’s blog post – is that allowed in blog etiquette?!  The blog post in question is from a favorite one of mine, Geek crafts. I recommend it! Go to to fulfill your urges!!!! The crafty item in particular that I think is super fab is instructions to make a teddy bear lab coat! Now I don’t have any teddy bears *sniff* to adorn with clothing but I do have a cat! Mwahahaha! The very inspiration for the name of this blog would you believe! and he is very partial to wearing clothes – usually knitted by bored OAPs – to keep him warm. When I saw the lab coat post I could not resist the idea of customising the pattern for his shape! So I have the pattern ready to go. All I need is material and a clue how to use a sewing machine. I have neither! Don’t panic yet though because I am booked onto a ‘using a sewing machine for dummies’ evening class in the near future and I think that is just my level of learning. For anyone wondering I actually booked the class before I found the lab coat design. Honest!!!

If I manage to create anything that resembles a lab coat and keep all my typing fingers then a follow up post with pictures will follow!!!!

If I get really good and have too much spare time I could create him lab coats in an array of colours! He could have a cat 3 lab coat! Maybe that’s too far?!!!!


About ScienceySphynx

Sphynx cat owner, Kayaker, STEM ambassador, PhD-er blogging and tweeting under ScienceySphynx because ScientistSam was taken!

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