How many of you are sufferers? I think most people can identify with it. Were you tweeting instead of reading the paper for journal club or blogging instead of writing your coursework/thesis/journal manuscript/grant proposal? Why do we find it so hard to do the tasks that should be given priority? I often find I can quite happily get lost in my endnote library, chasing down references or finding obscure historical literature but when it comes to journal club I have read every paper except the one we’re discussing. Just because when I sit down to read it, it feels like work and the devil on my shoulder convinces me the freezer needs to be defrosted and the dog needs to be walked. I don’t even own a dog. I know I am not alone in this phenomenon, when I talk to colleagues about impending application deadlines I often find they have not finished or started but that’s ok because their DVD collection is in alphabetical order.

Perhaps this feeling of guilt is misplaced. Think of it this way…. Why should I feel guilty that I am decreasing my stress levels by having a creative output for my thoughts? Why should I feel guilty about improving my writing and communication skills by blogging?

So if before today you were a sufferer of bloggers guilt just take a moment to think why should you not feel guilty?


About ScienceySphynx

Sphynx cat owner, Kayaker, STEM ambassador, PhD-er blogging and tweeting under ScienceySphynx because ScientistSam was taken!

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