The recent conception of an outreach project to bring PCR and electrophoresis into the classrooms of local school has filled me with a new obsession for DNA.

I find myself constantly trying to think of new ways to make pupils feel WOWED by DNA and all the magic it encodes like a really tightly coiled spell book. Really, really tightly coiled.

Whilst on one of my Google explorations missions to find good a plenary for our school sessions I have come across the most amazing things you can do with your DNA. Anyone who watched CSI NY may be thinking ahead at this point…. Genetic art. Yep! There is a company, who will create bespoke pieces of home furnishings, which is your DNA fingerprint. If you were feeling flashy you could have a family fingerprint, just to prove your children were your genetic offspring. Embarrassing if they weren’t and an awkward topic of conversion hence forth!

‘Who does this?’ I can sense your pondering, well a certain little Hobbit has. Not sure about that view though.


It’s not just the brazen wall art, oh no! If that is too understated for you, you could go for a themed room… wallpaper, water feature, and rug. You name it and it can be adorned with your personal nucleotide bands. If DNA bands are not your style or clash with your zebra print cushions how about a fingerprint bowl for your coffee table? It’s probably only a matter of time before you can buy an Elvis fingerprint fruit bowl *sigh*.


If you are business minded and like to share things with the world you could even commission some very personal business cards. Oh yeah.


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For more custom made genetically themed products visit




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